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Sunday, August 20, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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Remember back in this post about senior pictures when I mentioned strongly suggesting professional hair and makeup? I'm guessing I maybe had some of you thinking I was crazy? Well, I finally remembered to snap a picture of someone before my awesome team worked their magic.


I will be the first to admit that Jordyn is gorgeous all-natural, as most of my clients are. The point of this is to show you that professional makeup isn't scary or overdone. It isn't supposed to make you look like a stranger, or like your going to prom, it's to show you that it is only meant to enhance your features in a photo friendly way. Maybe a little more than normal in certain areas, but "more" doesn't necessarily mean dark or gaudy. The professional that I put 100% of my trust into is extensively trained and has always left my customers and I completely satisfied. 


Jordyn was nice enough to agree to having her bare face plastered on my blog as a comparison to show you that while she is beautiful, her features get lost in the flash of the camera. 

Beautiful? Yes! Overdone? Absolutely not! Can I just say that she has the most beautiful lips?? Her features are highlighted perfectly. We did a late afternoon/evening session and she looked flawless the entire time. Beautiful young woman, inside and out!

Contact me to schedule your session now to ensure I can coordinate with Debbie and Amber for all the pretties! The fall season is one of the most beautiful and the days are only getting shorter!!

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Brittany Sandven - I'm looking forward to fall as well! Excited to finish sorting her photos for you!!
Jody Johnson - Debbie and Amber did an excellent job and both were super friendly! Love love love the pictures so far!!! You are amazing Brittany! Looking forward to fall pictures!❤️