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Friday, July 07, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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The thing that has the girls shopping, the moms stressing, the boys rolling their eyes, and the dads hoping they don't have to be involved. I'm talking about senior pictures. They are turning into some of my most favorite sessions! I don't know if it's the kids or it's me, maybe a combination, but man we are rocking some awesome pictures! I am very upfront with my advice and suggestions and I love when my families are honest with their expectations.

Over the passed couple of seasons I have strongly suggested the girls having professional hair and make-up done. I have a couple of people that I continue to work with, I trust their work and they know what I expect for pictures. A professional has the knowledge and product to keep the girls looking like themselves in a photo-friendly way, if you will. Make-up if applied in the wrong way or even just a shade off can really wash a person out or reflect a hue that isn't flattering. The decision is ultimately always up to the customer, just one of my suggestions. 

Without question the most stressful part of planning for the customer is deciding on their outfits. Think simple, a neutral with a pop of color, a bold top or bottom, some cute jewelry or a big floppy hat. Something that is flattering, and something they are comfortable in. Pinterest continues to be an excellent resource. I have a board with a little bit of everything for seniors, girls, guys, indoors and outside. I also have them broke down into spring and fall for outdoor shoots. The most important thing to remember is to choose something that is timeless while still capturing a moment in time. I'll call it classical trendy.

These pictures are going to be the walls of my customers for years. They mark a significant milestone in their lives and I will do everything possible to make sure they get nothing but the best.

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Tracy spurrier - I am a family friend of Brenda Larsen and loved Talyn's senior photos! I have a senior this year and was wanting some info! We are from Corning but willing to travel to you.