5 Things NOT to do for your family photos
Sunday, August 18, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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I've given tips in the past on how to dress for your fall family photos. You can read about that here.

Here I've given some tips on using photos for decorating your walls. You can read about that here.

But I haven't given tips that I've found to possibly make a session not as good as it could be. Whether it makes the session hard to get through (cranky kids) or the photos not as beautiful as they could be.

Here are 5 Things NOT to do for your family photos 
1. Don’t be matchy matchy – gone are the days of matching denim or all white shirts (in the rare chance it works, consult with me). Choose your outfit first so you’re happy with your look and colors you get to wear. If you’re not happy with yourself in the photos it’s hard to look past that and realize how adorable your kids are. 


2. Don’t wear tennis shoes. There is nothing worse than having amazing outfits and then realizing little Johnny only has lime green shoes. With family photos shoes show when I have you sitting on the ground or walking. Going barefoot can cover a last minute forget and it truly is when they are the bright shoes that mis-match the outfits. :)


3. Don’t give the “bribe” before your photos. I get it, of course, you bribe your kids to be good for pictures. You’re a saint if you don’t do that. If you pre-purchase the toy don’t give it to them on the ride to your session. You have just defeated the point of the bribe. If your little one is not good at waiting don’t tell them you got them the monster truck. It’s a great surprise in the middle/end of pictures when they are starting to get bored; let them know you have a surprise for them. Then as the session goes on we can eventually show them the surprise and usually get 1-2 more photos out of them before finally giving them their toy. By then I have everything I need and everyone is happy.


4. Don’t skip nap time. If your child is hard to get to nap maybe try taking a drive so they fall asleep. Naps are so important for little ones. It’s hard to do sibling photos or individual photos with a tired little one. They usually just want to cling mom and to get extra snuggles.


5. Don’t starve your kids. I know it’s crazy busy getting a family ready for photos but you need to take the time to feed your kids more than a cracker. Hangry kids are never happy for photos.


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