Fall Picture Planning
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Thursday, August 31, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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Who is loving this fall air that is beginning to take over? The colorful leaves, the warm tones of the season, and the crops changing, are making it a perfect time to snap your fall family photo. It's starting to look like my favorite time of year! The orange and gold tones, the rusty weeds and dried grass, mother nature at her finest in my opinion! 

Once the colors start to change there is such a short window where things look pretty, but not dead. So many customers see change starting to set in, call and schedule pictures and then panic sets in when they start to think about what everyone will wear. Coordinating your outfits can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be!


Think about the natural fall colors. Brown, orange, gold, burgundy, and ivory are some favorites of mine. They go perfectly with the background and they complement most anyone. If you start with one main color as a base and build from it, it really makes planning much easier. I have a board specific for fall colors, and I love referring back to different things that have worked well for others. Seeing a visual of lots of different choices within the same color pallet will get my ideas flowing.


To me a great fall look is layering. They create a visual interest, whether it be shirts and sweaters, scarves, or jackets. Layers are perfect for the fall atmosphere.

As you can see several of these shots have the same colors scheme, but all look drastically different from one another based on location, props, and atmosphere.

This was something new that I tried last year that turned out to be a Facebook favorite. It was timed just right on a perfect night. I'm always up for trying something unique. What vision of yours can I bring to life this fall? The days are getting shorter, contact me to schedule your family photos today!

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