Depending on your style and personality I have a session for you! I love to capture your personality so you will have memories to cherish for a lifetime! I offer 3 different sessions for you to choose from.

Elite Session
My most popular session is the Elite Session. It is a 2-3 hour session that allows you to wear 4-6 outfits. You have the option for studio and outdoor photos but if you prefer one over the other we can have them all taken outside or all inside at my studio. Makeup is also included as long as you book early enough and we can coordinate with my makeup artist. Having your makeup done by a professional is highly recommended to give you proper coverage and enhance your beautiful features.

Basic session
It’s perfect for the senior that only needs a few high quality photos. It’s a 1 hour session that you can choose if the photos are taken in my studio or at a local outdoor location of my choosing. This is great for the guys that want some nice photos but don’t have a huge outfit selection.

The Seasons
Can’t decide if you want summer, winter or fall? Go with the seasons and have two sessions at different times of the year. Each session is 1-2 hours which allows you to wear 2-3 outfits. Makeup is included with one session as long as you book early enough and we can coordinate with my makeup artist. You can purchase makeup for your second session so everything looks cohesive in your photos.

Booking your session
When you call to book your session we will set up a consultation 2-3 weeks before your session to go over your outfits you have chosen. We will also choose locations and backdrops that will bring out your personality and show off your unique style. If you have too many outfits and can't decide what goes best together or can’t narrow it down bring it all in and we can pick it out together. This also gives you enough time if we decide you need to add any accessories to your outfits.