Winter Fun!
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Sunday, March 25, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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Now that I think spring is finally upon us I can post my winter favorites without the fear of backlash from using the words "love, winter and fun" in the same sentence. Don't get me wrong I'm just as ready for spring as everyone else is! But I have to admit, really I just love outdoor activities no matter the season! So here goes my winter favorites...


Christmas and Christmasland. Who doesn't love these things? The sights, sounds, smells. Having a little one old enough to understand the excitement only makes it better. This year it was nice enough out we could walk around Merlin Fort's light display. This is amazing as an adult, can you even imagine what it's like to see as a little one?


Sledding, snowmobiling, snowmen... all things outside and snow covered! We are lucky enough to have access to the old ski lodge, and also VERY thankful to have 4 wheelers and snowmobiles to get us back up the never ending hills. Carson got a GIANT sled for Christmas and while I couldn't partake this year I think Reed and I secretly got it with ourselves in mind as much as our son. We were only able to get one snowman built this year but we made sure to make it a good one. Lots of giggles were had by us all.


Winter weekend getaway. Always a good excuse for some family time during the long dark winter months. This year we went to Omaha to CoCo Key Water Resort and also the the Children's Museum while we were there.  


Of course my favorite little guy's birthday. We love a reason to have a get together with family and friends!


Getting an unusually nice winter weekend to get the 4 wheelers out and get muddy.


Wrestling tournaments. I love wrestling and following my nephew and his friends to area tournaments and look forward to the day that Carson can take the mat!


While I had to sit and watch on the sidelines for some of these things this year I still enjoy being surrounded by happiness and watching Carson make memories with his little buddies. While I try to make the most out of the season that we're in I cannot wait for blooming flowers and green grass and warm sunshine but most of all, enjoying these things with a baby in my arms instead of my belly!

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