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Sunday, June 03, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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They do say that once you have kids (plural) that you are notoriously late... I mean, she IS 5 weeks old today, and I'm just getting her newborn pictures published on here, but better late than never right?! My maternity leave is officially over, I honestly can't believe it. She has been such a good baby! I feel guilty even telling people that she sleeps 8:30-5:00 most nights. She loves being talked to, big cheesy smiles, listening to her brother play and actually prefers to be laying down spread out or in her seat versus being held. All of this being said I did forget just how much work a baby is! The temps have made it almost impossible to have her outside for very long, thankfully the evenings cool down so we can introduce her to the great outdoors a little. She does like to ride around in the stroller and did let me plant my garden, so now we'll see if I can actually weed it this summer. I'd say we are finally getting into the swing of things and working hard on our time management. 


Carson still adores her and just the other day decided that he needs a brother and another sister. If only it were that easy buddy. He is trying t-ball this summer, I can't wait to watch him out there! Special shout out to Emily for letting Carson have some fun time getting to play with the kiddos while I tend to baby needs! He just loves daycare! I can't blame him, I want to go there, they are always doing something fun!


Anyways enough of my jabbering... here's a peek at my little beauty's newborn session!


I know it's alot but how could I choose? I feel overwhelmed just like I'm one of you! My boy finally decides to cooperate and smile for pictures...who knew all he needed was his own little baby to love on!!


I officially start back to work this next week so if you want a session call or email me.

Some openings I have:
June 12th at 13th I have Morning Openings
June 13th at 4:30/5:00
June 20th I have Morning Open
June 27th I have Morning & 6:30 28th I have morning
July I'm still pretty Flexible and August is filling up. If you want a Saturday Fall Family Session get ahold of me soon. I'm limiting the number of these I'm taking and I anticipate they will fill up fast. Looking forward to seeing alot of you in the upcoming months. You've been such an awesome support system for me. This is a dream job and I appreciate you all more and more as the years go on! Have a wonderful summer!!
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