Why you want more than digital images
Sunday, August 04, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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"I just want the digital images!"

I hear this all the time and I’m here to tell you why you don’t just want the digital images. 

I understand that you want all of your images for a keepsake and peace of mind. Those are pictures of your babies frozen in time. Time you will never get back. 

Why should you have me print photos for your wall? Because life happens! You will go through all of the work of photo prep to get amazing photos::

  • Finding the perfect outfits
  • Making sure the kids get their proper naps
  • Feeding the kids so they’re aren’t hangry during pictures
  • Spending extra time on your hair (you actually washed it)
  • You put on makeup (who has time for that once you have kids)

All of that work and effort for what? To get a thumb drive of images that you don’t print because you’re too overwhelmed on what to print, where to hang your photos and what sizes will look best. 

Guess what?!?! I am here to help you through the whole process so in the end you enjoy your photos for many years to come. 

Imagine this…

You walk into your living room (after you put your 3 year old in time out again for coloring on the walls) and your photos bring an instant smile to your face. A reminder that you do LOVE that sweet, innocent, sometimes a little naughty toddler more than anything. 

Plus the photo of your husband tickling the kids, a reminder that he is a great dad and the fact he forgot to take out the garbage again; (I’m not the only one that has that problem, right?) he is trying just as hard as you to raise these sweet babies and to love you in-between the chaos. 

And then...

Your youngest is 8 years old. Five years have flown by and you’re still enjoying your photos on your wall; you sit down and realize you survived toddler years.  Staring at your photos reminiscing how you miss that mischievous 3 year old smile. 

You don’t get yesterday back. Let me help showcase your family this fall before you sit down in your chair and realize your walls are still bare and you have an 8 year old with no proof they were ever 3 years old. 

I can’t wait to help you create an amazing gallery wall of your beautiful family. Email me, call or txt me 515-890-0879 or schedule a chat with me here so we can create memories of your family. 

-xo Brittany

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