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Thursday, June 15, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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Have you ever looked at a picture of mine and wondered how I got a genuinely happy, maybe even giddy smile?  I have a bag that I never leave the studio without. A sort of "Mary Poppins" bag as it's been called before! If something doesn't work, I dig a little deeper until I find the magic answer. I've already had to replace my rubber chicken which is almost always a favorite. It was starting to sound like a choking chicken and then it lost its squeak all together. Not long ago I had a little boy request that I take his picture with it! Kids LOVE bubbles, especially the little ones, but sometimes they are more concerned about chasing them around than sitting still for me. I am definitely not against bribery, so I always make sure to have lots of candy with me too! Who wouldn't sit and smile for some sugar? I know I would!!

Then there's the serious stuff that makes me smile!! My camera with a cute strap (hey, you have to accessorize where you can)  and a couple of different lenses. Not to exciting to most people but they are my lifeline! ALWAYS an extra full battery and an extra empty card. There aren't many times I'm doing a shoot outside that I don't use my reflector. I can pick the perfect time of day with the perfect amount of sunshine and shade but I still usually need a little help getting the light at just the right spot. Doesn't make a huge difference to most people but to me it does, and most importantly it saves me lots of time editing. 

There you have it! I would love to show you a super cute camera bag with lots of pockets where everything is precisely in its designated spot but there is nothing further from the truth! I use a large reusable shopping bag that has had bubbles spill in it more times than I want to think about. Who would want that in a nice bag? If this one gets ruined it gives me an excuse to go to Marshall's and get a new one! 

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