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Sunday, May 20, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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A familiar face for many of us in town, it was fun getting to see Christy interact with her adorable family outside of the clinic. For those of you that aren't familiar, she is a Nurse Practitioner here in town, a very popular one I might add! Her and her husband, Austin, who is in the construction business, part owner of Berte and Son and on the fire department have 3 super sweet kiddos. Hank is in Pre-K at St. Mary's, loves legos, building anything (I'm guessing he gets this from dad), puzzles, riding his bike and moving at turtle speed anytime they need to be somewhere. June is quite the character, she is just hilarious! She loves to practice dance, pretending to be Elsa from Frozen (or maybe thinking she really is), being dramatic (mom's words), eating treats, being a mommy to her babies and inviting people to her birthday party, which is in October. Hazel is just to sweet, she loves being held by mom, beeping people's noses, hiding (sometimes long enough that they have to offer her a treat to come out...I think she has this figured out!) and always delivering Christy and Austin their phone if they happen to set it down. 

Let me just say this may be the best line up of kid activities I've ever had. I literally laughed when I read it! Makes me love this family even more!

As a family they like to go to the park, go for walks/bike rides, swimming, and having movie parties. Hank is in tumbling and June is in dance, which keep their weeknights busy. They like to do crafts, play with their cousins, and go to Target for fun.

This last bit was something that was just to good to leave out. They live in a brand new home (built by none other than Austin) and they have had the plumber to their house 3 times since having kids. Twice because of things getting stuck in the toilet and once for a leaking toilet, which actually turned out to be a cute little boy with a really bad aim!! Everyone with a little boy in their life is smiling because they've been there, done that! Mommy says they smell really awful but they're cute so she thinks they'll keep them! 


This description sums up their life and our session. I absolutely loved seeing the chaos and the love they had to share! 

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