The Newest Waldorf
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Sunday, February 17, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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As if this family wasn't already adorable enough, they just added another baby to the mix. They are Adam and Kara Waldorf's kiddos- Addison (9), Kade (5), and their new baby brother, Jordy.

 They are a family that loves being active, playing sports and playing with friends. They enjoy spending time outside in the summer and the long winter months at the new Rec Center and having popcorn and movie Friday nights. They are avid wildcat fans and can be found frequently supporting the local high school events. 


Addie and Kade are both social butterflies, even on the first day of school they don't look back, just run right in. They are such great helpers in general, but especially when it comes to Jordy, always checking on him, loving on him and wanting to help him in any way they can. Kara says its been amazing seeing them so involved with him. Jordy has been the perfect addition to their family, he's a great sleeper, happy when he's awake, smiles all the time, barely ever cries... Isn't there a saying about the third always being so good? Or maybe it's because he wasn't so easy on his mama from the inside for 9 months! Kade on the other hand is the one that keeps them on their toes. He's 5 and had 4 sets of stitches and a broken toe-the dare devil just keeps getting the best of him!

They are such a sweet family and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Jordy and his big sister and brother. 

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