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Sunday, August 27, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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The Fevold family came up to see me last week! A sweet bunch that defines crazy busy and they are loving life. 

Meet Dustin, a Commercial Applications Dealer at K.C. Nielsen Ltd. John Deere, and his beautiful wife, Christina, an Acute Care Nurse Manager at UnityPoint Health. These two will be celebrating their 8th anniversary on Tuesday. They have a small acreage outside of Ft Dodge and they pride themselves on spending quality time as a family, even if it's in the car while making countless trips to their family's extracurricular activities. Kind of a fun fact about them, Dustin was born in Iowa and grew up in California, Christina was born in California and grew up in Iowa.

These 3 cuties round out their tribe. Coltin will be 7 tomorrow and is just starting 2nd grade at St. Edmonds. When he was 18 months old he was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy. They waited for years to get him into a desensitization program that he completed almost a year ago, and he now eats 7 peanuts a day as his medicine. Miss McKenna is 4 years old and in preschool this year. She was the first girl born on the Fevold side in 50 years!! Can you imagine the dresses and bows that little girl had as a baby? Little KayLynn is the baby of the family, she is 10 months old. Her name is a combination of her grandma's middle names.

The Fevold's love for the great outdoors goes further than a fabulous late summer photo shoot. They love the outdoors! Camping, canoeing, bike riding, hiking, sledding, swimming, and exploring are some of their favorites. They have cats, cows, chickens, a rabbit, and a hermit crab. If the kids could have it their way they would add a dog and pigs to that list as well... and I thought I was an animal lover!!


I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent together! There is something about being where you're comfortable, it shows through in your body language and on your faces.  If I could capture your family in an element that all of you love what would it be?


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Sheryl Milton - I am Dustin's mother, Christina's mother-in-law and the grandmother of those three adorable little munchkins! What an amazing job capturing the true spirit of that tribe! Love, love, LOVE the pictures!!