Summer Recap
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Monday, September 24, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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I can't believe I'm already talking about summer in past tense, man did that go fast! We're in full swing of my favorite time of year already. June and July just seem so long ago! We really had a great summer, I was optimistic with Piper being at kind of a hard age for Iowa summers, but she was a champ! As long as she was in her nifty little tent or in her stroller she was happy as could be! Carson is happiest when he is outside and filthy.

We spent time visiting family and friends at the campgrounds. I was somehow able to keep up with my garden, which honestly even amazed me. Carson played T-Ball for the first time, it was entertaining to say the least. We made it on the pontoon a few times with both kids, went kayaking with Carson, lots of swimming at Aunt Brandy's pool. Are you seeing a pattern here? As long as my boy is outside, he's happy!

 I did get one adult kayak day and an unexpected day date kayaking with my hubby (that never happens anymore). The Humboldt County Fair is always a week we look forward to. This year we made it to the tractor pulls and the cow show and of course hit up the midway! We vacationed in Minnesota at Reeds Grandma's cabin enjoying lots of swimming, fishing, and family time. Carson also learned to ride his bike without training wheels. 


We finalized summer with our annual 4-wheeling party. Carson got lots of time with the big boys helping him to better his skill, I'm sure he enjoyed that more than we understand. Piper just hung out, she is such a happy girl as long as she's fed and caught up on her naps! She sure loves her big brother!


Nothing to exciting, just lots of family time (despite only having one picture of all four of us-does that ever get better?!) which is exactly how we like it! I have to give a shout out to my friends who are just the best lending me a helping hand so that we can stay involved even with a busy toddler and an infant. Also to Alexis and Brandy for their help with Piper through the summer and Lisa with her help during my late shoots. It takes a village they say...and it's oh so true!

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