Sunday, June 02, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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It's June... this year is almost half over and I have NO idea where the time has gone! What's everyone got planned for summer? We decided camping was our next family adventure so we went ahead and bought a little house on wheels. Last weekend she made her maiden voyage to Sheldon Park. Piper slept most of the time, yay for monitors, and Carson learned to ride his big boy bike. Not a bad first experience for us! Hopefully our summer will consist of lots of lounging and enjoying camping and family time. 

At home we have a deck project to keep us busy since a tree ripped it off our house last year. Reed never lasts long without a project and who am I to argue with crossing things off the "to do" list. Thanks to the Kampen family the kids have a new play set outside to keep them busy while we work. Miss Gabby outgrew it :)

Carson had his last day of school at King's Kids and is so excited to start Kindergarten. Me, not so much!! He wants to hit up all the pools this summer so if you have any must see ones in the general vicinity let me know. I'm going to say Piper's summer goals consist of learning to walk and to maybe grow some hair. :)

 Just a reminder when thinking of summer sessions, especially family when trying to work around several schedules, I can book later in the day because the sun stays out so long (my favorite). I'm also booking into fall now as well if your thinking that far ahead! Looking forward to seeing lots of you during summer shenanigans over the next few months!

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