Studer Family
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Sunday, May 13, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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You know how there are certain people in your life that just make your heart happy when you see them? You can't help but smile in their presence and you just love how that makes you feel. Janet is one of those people for me, this girl truly loves life and loves her family! Meet Janet and her lovely family; Troy, Eli (5), Evelyn (3), and we can't forget their 4-legged child, Rusty, who coincidentally was my first to ever be scared of the flash! The family lives on an acreage north of Humboldt. Janet's dad found a house he thought would be perfect for them before he passed away, and they had it moved to a piece of family ground. It has now become their home. They love living in the country, where they enjoy all sorts of outdoor sports and activities, campfires, grill outs, Eli cruising around in his little battery operated Jeep. When asked what they enjoy doing as a family, Janet listed all these things but ended it with "we really just love being with each other"... LOVE THAT!!

Troy and Janet are coming up on their 8 year wedding anniversary. Troy farms and raises hogs with his dad in Wesley. If you've done the math that's a heck of a haul every day, but they love where they live so he is willing to sacrifice the drive! Janet is in the massage and skin care business, she owns and operates "Therapeutics by Janet". She is also a Physical Therapy Assistant at West Bend Health and Rehab on an "as needed" basis. They both love their careers and cannot imagine doing anything else.



Eli is very organized and particular, he is very thoughtful, respectful and caring. He is pretty shy around me, but mom assures me not to take it personally! He is trying soccer and t-ball, the whole family is excited for this! When he grows up he wants to be a farmer and have a beard like his dad!


Evie is hilarious! She loves sugar and is always asking for candy... I think it's funny because she's not my child! She doesn't like to nap and tends to be a little challenging (mom's words not mine). Who doesn't love a good challenge anyways! She still wakes up and wanders into mom and dad's room a few times a week. Maybe we can chat while I'm up feeding Piper! When she grows up she wants to be a dancer and wear pretty dresses.


As with everyone that has children, all the joy comes with certain times of worry and anxiety as well. Their story, maybe more so than most... Evie had a stroke when she was in utero. They still feel blessed that she survived and that her condition is mild now. She does however have left side weakness, and requires a lot of therapy and attention to get her left side to work more efficiently. Janet tries to work with her as much as a 3 year old will allow. They will soon be casting her right arm to force and strengthen her left, and rebuild her brain to do so. This will make ofr a challenging summer but they are ready and willing to accept it to help that beautiful baby girl.


Both Eli and Evie also suffer from febrile seizures. Eli started getting them at 15 months and Evie even younger. Cold and flu season is even a little scarier in the Studer family. The long winter months trying to avoid ending up in the emergency room from something as simple as a cold that causes a fever. Lots of prayers get them through the scary times.



This family is just special to me, I've gotten to watch them travel through these life stages, starting with their wedding and both babies as newborns. Their smiles are contagious and they just love life and each other and that's just the coolest thing!! Thanks for always trusting me with your precious memories!

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Tharp Family - I am Janet's aunt. We love the beautiful pictures you have taken of this family. You are right on, when you speak about them. Janet. Troy. Eli. and Evie are the sweetest most loving family you could meet.