Sadie Andersen
Sunday, June 30, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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I kicked off my 2020 senior season with a doozie! Meet Sadie Andersen. Her session went amazing, we ended up bumping her up a day because there was rain in the forecast and we ended up with perfect weather. I was able to get permission to take pictures in a flowering field just outside of town so we ended up roadtripping and winging it. This isn't something that typically happens so it was fun and different. 

Her mom, Melanie is a rockstar and did her makeup and was able to touch it up with each outfit. She also brought her kitty, Mittie (which is also what she told me she couldn't live without). She was good for pictures but was more than excited to get back into her crate!

 In her free time Sadie enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, and an occasional binge of Greys Anatomy on Netflix. She has a landscaping job at Wempen's this summer, but is used to working in the heat as she has been a pool employee the past 2 summers. She's an outgoing girl that is always looking for something new, she loves talking to people and getting to know them. She says life is to short to sit around and do nothing!


After high school she plans to attend ISU and major in Kinesiology as well as possibly minoring in Spanish. With her major she'll be working towards physical therapy and hopefully eventually earn her doctorate. 

Sadie I had so much fun with you and your mom! You guys were so sweet and I appreciate that you were willing to roll with the punches! I know your future is bright no matter where the road takes you! Best wishes!!

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