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Sunday, September 24, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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Photo editing is a bit of a strange subject for me. Yes I absolutely do it, to a degree on every photo that leaves my hands. What I do on average is pretty discrete.  Soften some skin, maybe brighten dark eyes, sharpen the background. But I have to be honest, all the training I have taken and my experience makes my daily job of editing pretty cut and dry. If a photo is taken correctly the editing should really be very minimal, maybe even hard to decipher exactly what is different. Over the years my camera and I have become the best of friends and we've worked together to create some pretty amazing raw images.

There are however a couple exceptions to these rules. One being newborns. These sessions are hands down my most time consuming as far as editing goes. Their sweet smelling wrinkly skin is almost always a little red or yellow and peeling when they come to see me. In addition we sometimes need a set of helping hands to get a perfect end result. These little bundles are pretty fragile and the extra time is absolutely always worth them being safe.

There are times when there is something about a photo that needs to be added or removed. Sometimes I find the perfect location, light, and pose but there happens to be an ugly patch of grass, the sun sets 10 minutes to soon, or a little one has some eczema that has flared up. These are all factors that I can't fix with my camera. They are out of my control and this is where creative editing comes into play. 


So while editing plays a huge roll in my job, it maybe isn't exactly what you thought it would be. A good picture just doesn't need a whole lot of help. 

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