Nicole & Jasmine
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Sunday, January 27, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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My winter break from blogging got a little out of control. Have you guys missed me? I have so much to catch up on from this side of the computer. I decided to kick it off with a beautiful mother daughter duo from last fall when the lighting was on point, the weather was crisp and perfect (ok I'm lying, the weather was misty and kind of crappy, but just imagine with me), the leaves were gorgeous and the company was all of the above. Meet Nicole and Jasmine Fusco.

Nicole is a biology instructor at Iowa Central Community College, Executive Marketing Consultant at Cirque Entertainment, Chief Operating Officer at SmokeRhino, Dance Instructor at Melinda's, Humboldt HS Dance Team Coach... I'm tired just thinking about her schedule! Jasmine is coming up on 12 years old in a couple weeks, is involved in dance, band/percussion,  piano, enjoys reading and making slime. Jasmine was a little embarrassed with some of my crazy pose ideas but she was a total champ and sucked it up because she loves her mama and I'm so happy she trusted me, because you really can feel the love in their smiles! 

I'm sure it comes as no surprise from their bio that they enjoy spending time dancing together, they also love baking and playing board games, spending time in the water and sun, playing with their dogs and traveling together. Jasmine is an all A student and has won several high score awards for dancing. I may have to steal the fact that Nicole makes her daughter work/stretch to earn screen time...moms helping moms :) They currently live in Dakota City but are working on finishing an acreage that they hope to move into soon. 

It was a blessing to work with you, thank you for trusting me to capture these most precious days!

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