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Sunday, July 23, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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Vacation is something that should bring a sense of calm, make you feel relaxed just thinking about it, and giddy during the planning process. We tend to do things a little more adventurous. While our vacation this year was every bit as enjoyable as I expected, a 12 hour car ride with my not-so patient, ALL-BOY 3 year old, relaxing isn't exactly a word that comes to mind. And I wouldn't want it any other way! Did I mention that there were 11 people vacationing together? 3 families, 4 kids (all boys), 1 teenager, and we all survived and are all still friends!

The first leg of our trek took us 12 hours to Canon City. That's a whole lotta bonding time in the car! We went to the Royal Gorge where we walked across the bridge and rode in a gondola. Our first glimpse of the week ahead was breathtaking. Next in Canon City was white water rafting. The dads and my niece opted for the "extreme" course while we moms and our boys took the more mild one. One thing is for sure, we all loved it and next time I am doing the extreme run!

Our next adventure brought out a little kid in all of us! Sand Dunes National Park, sand for miles, sledding, playing, so much fun. But HOT, oh so HOT. 

Next up was Colorado Springs, we drove up to Pikes Peak. The view from the top was almost overtaken with the shock at the temperature. With the windchill it was well below zero and I was anxious to get back to a flat road with more than one lane. Our brakes held out for the descent, thankfully I know a good mechanic! When I was brave enough to look I enjoyed the beautiful views but man it felt good to be horizontal again!


It wouldn't be a trip to Colorado without doing some hiking. Estes Park did not disappoint when it came to sightseeing. The views, the animals, nature at its finest. 


We spent a portion of our week in a rental house in Golden. How could I possibly pass up the opportunity to take some family pictures. It didn't take long to find a spot that was perfect. Dads and kids cooperated and we got some great shots! 

The scenery was beautiful beyond words. Times like those are what make me thankful for home, for the flatlands of Iowa. I wouldn't ever want a view like that to become "boring" or "normal".


Tell me where your family has been this year or where your headed with what little we have left of summer!

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Judy Maifeld - We went to CO. 2 yrs ago and through Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak years ago on our way home from AZ. Colorado Springs has a beautiful "Garden of the Gods" that is really something to see. Your pictures are wonderful and I enjoyed seeing them and your family. Thanks.