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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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Today marks my baby boy's fifth trip around the sun. Where has the time gone? Each year seems to slip away a little faster than the year before and it makes this mama oh so sad. He was so excited to turn 5 and thought he would magically wake up and I wouldn't be able to lift him anymore. For anyone that's seen him you know he's a tiny guy that doesn't seem to grow at a very fast rate. Poor kiddo just wants to be "big".


His favorite things continue to be hunting and working in the shop with dad, 4-wheeling, loves "crafting" with scissors and tape and movie nights with mom. Maybe it's the fact that I go all out with popcorn and candy, but I'll take it!

This year for his party we joined forces with Carson's cousin, Riggs, who was born the same day a year earlier. It's funny and kind of strange, we have several friends and family that share the Carson's birthday. For those of you asking yourself what the heck was going on 9 months prior to February 20th, by now you all know my story... I was sitting in a fertility clinic!

Jess and I were a little concerned that this was going to turn into a disaster but I have to admit it went great! We had 7 little boys total at the place here in town with the inflatables, they had a car racing game and air hockey table there as well. It was the perfect place for 7 sweaty, energetic boys. 

The boys got to have the place to themselves for awhile before family and friends joined the craziness! They loved seeing the fun that the boys were having once they got there. We had a pinata that only 3 or 4 kids got to hit because apparently they're stronger than we bargained for, but no one got hit so we'll call it a win! The party was 3.5 hours of complete chaos but they had such a blast it was totally worth the headache, and I highly recommend ALWAYS having a party somewhere other than home...NO CLEANING?! Hello! No brainer!             

His gift from us was a weekend getaway in Minnesota complete with a stay at the waterpark, Crayola at MOA and Children's Museum in Mankato. It was just as much a gift for us as him because we all enjoyed the heck out of ourselves. He's requested a super special birthday supper of tator tot casserole with cupcakes for dessert tonight. We really know how to live it up in the Caryl household!!

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