Merric Olson
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Sunday, June 10, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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How can you look at this dapper little 3 year old and not just want to eat him up? Meet Merric Olson, handsome little dude of Dave and Jaclyn Olson. He is always so shy when he first comes to see me but opens up pretty quick and is such a sweet heart. I'm sure that sweetness is in part thanks to Ella, Elyse, and Elyn, his 3 older sisters who love to mother him. He in turn loves to annoy them, but hey, that's what sibling love is all about. He is growing up so fast and will be starting Preschool at St Mary's in the fall.

Merric may be a sweetie but he is all boy at heart. He loves all things outside, riding his tractor and hauling things in the trailer, playing any sport, and helping Dad in the shop. He also loves playing with his sisters and cousins. He is the only boy in Humboldt with 8 girls cousins plus his sisters. All of his other cousins live out of state and loves being around them when they're home. 


As if he couldn't get any sweeter he loves to clean and make things tody. He doesn't like messes. He likes to pick things up and put them away. He knows the name of any equipment you can imagine and is fascinated by them. Garbage trucks, excavators, skid steers, combines, you name it. He loves gets a kick out of putting his shoes on the wrong feet on purpose just to get a rise out of Mom. I sure wish I could say that's all Carson does to be naughty! :)


As always I so enjoyed my time with all the Olson kids and have loved getting to be a small part of watching this little miracle boy grow up!

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