Harper Peterson
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Monday, November 05, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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This little girl was a typical crazy 2 year old for her session, but she loved that we went to the family farm to get her in her element. She played with the goats and we just let her do her thing. It was one of those sessions I walked away wondering if I got anything, and it turned out I got to many good ones to choose from! I love it when that happens! 

This is Harper Peterson, daughter of Kim and Jake Peterson. I think it goes without saying that they enjoy being outside playing and spending time on the farm, doing home projects, and really just anything together.


Harper loves going for Jeep rides in Papa Troy's jeep, rain or shine :) She likes to color, paint and craft, anything art. She loves to be active and talk, pointing out animals while in the car and making their sound. Mom says she's never quiet unless she's sleeping. I love it! She just really loves to have FUN! I have no doubt she makes everything exciting!


She insists on "helping" mom with everything, making the process 5 times longer (we've all been there!! But how can you say no?!)! After daycare she likes to string out their day by telling mom "no home" and making her drive around to look for pumpkins, water, deer, etc...This was my favorite part of her bio! I literally chuckled!! Oh Harper, your hilarious!


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