Glitter Minis
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Sunday, March 10, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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Glitter minis turned out to be way more fun than I even imagined, they definitely went down as an all time favorite for the littles! Who wouldn't love blowing and throwing glitter?! I even had one little girl make a "snow" angel in the glitter... it was so fun to watch them and I really got some genuine smiles! I'm still vacuuming up sparkles, but it was so worth it! This week doesn't need much for explanation, I'll let the pictures tell the story!

I knew by their smiles and giggles that all the girls had fun with this but it was so nice to get positive feedback as well! This is something that I will most definitely repeat this one... maybe I'll have this session cleaned up just in time to do it again!

I’m so thankful you let little Emma join in. I wouldn’t have done them if she couldn’t be a part of the fun!! However, with the being said—— definitely need to keep it for older kids!! Haha. Mia and Cora couldn’t contain themselves at times and just wanted to play in it. (Every girls dream to play in glitter) I know they loved twirling around in their dresses and throwing the glitter in the air! You do such an amazing job with the kiddos; light, fun and you care. I will forever cherish every memory you’ve captured for my family! 
 Amanda Meyer
Harper loved getting dressed up for the photo shoot and getting her hair done. Playing in the glitter made her feel so pretty, and she loved every bit of it. She still talks about it to this day :) She loved getting to play in it and throw it in the air. I have never seen her do so well in a photo shoot she opened up to you and you were great with her. She was very comfortable with you. I think you should do them again next year and every year. Such a great idea and an amazing turn out. 
Jessica Ritz
Answers from June: 
June felt “good and pretty during the pictures” . She said “yes I had fun taking the pictures with my sister but I liked blowing the glitter by myself” It was “super fun”. Her favorite part was “blowing the glitter and second favorite part of laying in it”. 
 Christy  Vitzthum
I would recommend doing the glitter mini sessions again.  When we left that night, Avery's exact words were "that was the most fun ever".  The girls thought it was fun to put on the fancy dresses and do something that we would never do at home.  Avery especially loved throwing and blowing the glitter.  She thought you were very nice.  Baylee is more of the strong silent type but I could tell by the real smiles that you captured that she was having fun and felt comfortable with you.  I think playing in the glitter made the session less serious and stressful for the girls.  I enjoyed watching them during the session and was glad that we chose to do it! 
 Laurie Nielson
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