Dieleman Kiddos
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Sunday, March 03, 2019
By InSite Creatives
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Seriously, how adorably photogenic are these kids?! You would never know by looking at these pictures that Grant literally hated EVERY.SINGLE.SECOND. I'm not going to take it personally and am instead choosing to blame it on the fact that he's 13 and sporting a killer mullet :) Grant and his sisters, Claire-10 and Ella-6 are beautiful children of Trevor and Sarah Dieleman of Humboldt. 

They have lived in Humboldt the last 5 years but prior to that, in their first 10 years of marriage they moved 6 times. In fact all three kids were born in different states. Trevor used to coach division 1 college football before moving here to settle down and enjoy a stable family life. The kids enjoy sports, dancing, riding bikes, scooters and gymnastics. As a family they like biking, hiking, golf, and attending the many sporting events of the kids and the Hawkeyes.

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