Dickey Family
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Sunday, December 03, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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Can you say photogenic kids? I just love seeing this family year after year. Meet the Dickey family from Gilmore City, Dustin and Brittany, Olivia, Draven and Everly. They are as sweet as they look and are so easy to work with...except for one time. Brittany had to hide in the bathroom during Draven's pictures because he was such a Mama's boy he wanted nothing to do with pictures, just to snuggle with Mom! I can't say I blame him, there's nothing better that Mom snuggles with her little boy! 

This family has one full schedule. Dustin is a foreman for Union Pacific Railroad and Brittany is the Development Finance Director for Corn Belt Power. Dustin volunteers on the fire department and Brittany is on the city council. They enjoy being supportive in their small town, because they know without volunteers it couldn't function. Dustin is "crazy obsessed" (Brittany's words not mine) with hunting. Their wedding 10 years ago was planned around hunting season. Dad's love of the sport has trickled down to the oldest two already and I have no doubt Everly will follow suit someday as well.


Olivia is in dance, soccer, t-ball, basketball, piano, 4-H likes to go hunting with Dad and would likely be interested in any other extra curricular activity that came along. Draven is in soccer, loves hunting, four wheeling and anything else possible that would get him outside. Everly is happiest dancing and playing with her siblings.


As you can guess kid activities take up a majority of their time in the evenings, but as a family they also enjoy outdoor activities especially four wheeling, fishing and gardening. They have a large garden every summer that starts out as a fun family project and usually falls on Dad by the end. The same thing happens at our house. I always have good intentions, that must count for something right?


As always it was so great to have them back, all three of these kiddos were baby planners. I've seen their family change and they've continued to put their faith in me. I was still mastering my skill when Olivia was a baby and I'm so thankful that they rode out the storm with me. Here's to many more opportunities to work together!


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