Bob and Julie Dickey Family
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Sunday, February 25, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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This my friends is what 43 years of marriage looks like for Bob and Julie Dickey of Bradgate. Four children and six grandchildren, this growing family couldn't have been better to work with! Meet their lovely family: Rob, Amanda, Grace, Morgan, Max and Amelia, Mark, Beth and Nolan, Scott, Landon, Kelsie and Nora. There you have it. I bet their house is hoppin during the holidays! 

Bob is employed at Martin Marietta and Julie with the Gilmore City-Bradgate School District. Along with following Grace and Morgan's many activities they enjoy golfing, fishing, boating, swimming and shopping. I know that the girls also enjoy horseback riding with Aunt Beth!


Doing these big extended family pictures to me are just awesome! People don't do them often enough! I know it's intimidating with such a large group but that's for me to worry about! You take care of combing the kids hair and making sure their faces are clean and I'll make the rest happen. You would never know by looking at these that Max was running a fever that day. Or the spunk that Little Miss Nora had behind the camera. These smiles are the memories that I hope the Dickey Family remembers every time they look at these. Thank you for entrusting me with your timeless memories and having faith that I could pull it all off!

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