Baby Tess
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Sunday, December 17, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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Before I get to this week I have to mention last week. The outpouring of support has been unbelieivable. I'm not one that likes attention so it wasn't easy for me to put it all out there. I just have to say thank you again for supporting me in business and in life! Now what better way to follow up a happy sob story that with a beautiful baby girl?! This is Tess Beenken and she is about as sweet as they come!

Tess came in to meet me a few weeks ago with her big brother Duke and big sister Finn. Look at the love they have for their brand new little sister. It melts my heart to see little toddlers loving up on their new baby siblings. When newborns come in to see me they are usually about a week old. In that week they've been in the hospital for 2-3 days, plus older siblings have sometimes stayed with family or friends the first couple days home, so they've maybe only been around their new sibling for a day or two. They are always so excited to show off their new baby, Duke and Finn were no exception. Duke has a love of everything football. He gets that honestly, as the whole family loves the Hawkeyes and the Packers. Finn likes to pass her time playing barbies. These kids are just so sweet.

All the feels that teeny tiny baby parts bring... I love my job!! 


Parents of these three lovely kiddos are Tom and Adrianne. They are all such a perfect combination of the two of them. I got to shoot their wedding six years ago now and I just knew they'd have some beautiful babies someday. I'm so thankful that they've stuck it out all these years and that I have gotten to go through capturing life's journeys for them.

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