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Friday, June 23, 2017
By InSite Creatives
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You know that feeling you get when you walk into a place and see familiar faces and you just feel at ease? That is the feeling that I get when I have baby planners come back and see me throughout their baby's first year of life. Each session gets a little easier and as their personalities come out they become more predictable which makes my job so much easier. I love getting to know each and every one of you on personal basis during our time together. I want these memories to be a true reflection of this time in your life. There is just something really special about creating a shoot for a one year old that I worked with as a teeny tiny newborn. 

Meet the Lau Family; Chris, Amanda, Kevin (3), and Hank (1). My relationship with them started even before they were ready for their first Baby Planner package. I got to first work with them for their engagement and wedding and eventually watch their family grow by four feet. I first met Kevin when he was brand new for his newborn pictures. I got to see him at 6 months and then at one. I really got to know his spunky fun personality. I was so excited when I found out he was going to be a big brother. Kevin was so proud to introduce me to his little brother, Hank when they came in for his newborn pictures. Before I knew it Hank was back at six months and just like that it was time to take his pictures as a 1 year old. He is such a happy laid back little boy! Time goes by so quickly! I have loved working with this family, as I do all of you!!

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