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Monday, October 08, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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Self-help is all the rage right now. There are so many useful tools whether it's books, motivational blogs, uplifting podcasts, you name it. I recently saw this post on social media and it fits what I'm trying so hard to do in my life. This is the morning routine that I've been doing for awhile now to keep my sanity as a busy mom trying to balance everything that life entails.


I get up at 5:00 (I really do strive for this, our morning is so much smoother and enjoyable). Drink some water... I'm working on this as well.
Yoga for 15-30 minutes if my butt is actually up by 5:00 and depending how many other things I need to do. I LOVE Sarah Beth Yoga on You tube :) 
I read my prayer of the day (2 of them from apps- Inspirations [check it out!] and holy bible) While I drink more water.
Then I get "me" time, which is either reading for 15 minutes, laundry, or dishes. Do I love that "me" time is house work.... nope, but it's in silence so I LOVE it. I really try to get everything done the night before so it's quiet time for me to read and relax before the chaos of the day, but I've got two kids... one that still likes to wake up so sometimes going to bed sounds like more fun than dishes :) 
I get ready for the day at 6:00 and my babes are up around 6:45, then chaos of the day starts all over again. This is the chaos I longed for and am so very thankful for it, I just need to give myself this gift of one hour a day. It is so good for not only me but all of us, and I'm always mad when I don't get out of bed and get all of this in. At the end of the day I'm really just a tired parent trying to find a perfect balance. I hope all of you find this as helpful and inspiring as I did :)


5 Ways to be More Mindful Every Day


We all strive for peacefulness. But our lives can get pretty hectic real fast, and when we’re trying to juggle a dozen things at once, we’re going to lose any sense of peacefulness in a flash! Mindfulness fights against the chaos, and injects a bit of peace into an otherwise fast-paced lifestyle, and gives you a clearer perspective on how precious each moment of life is as well. All mindfulness is is a practice of cultivating awareness in the present moment; while it may include meditation, it doesn’t have to. The point is paying attention more in life, and being more aware - or mindful - of the things we do every day, and it’s a wonderful antidote to a hectic day. Here are five of my tips for being more mindful every day!

Take a walk - Going for a walk might be that one activity that you just can’t get excited for, but it’s the best thing for a mindful person to do. A stroll in the outdoors focuses you on slowing down and taking in what’s around you, and it throws in a bit of exercise to boot! It’s also a wonderful tool for reflection, and contemplating things inside of a more peaceful environment. Take the time for a walk, and you just might solve that big problem that’s been bugging you - or simply get some good exercise.

Don’t forget about breathing - Okay, so no one really forgets about this if they want to survive. But when was the last time you paid attention to your breathing? There’s a reason that those who struggle with anxiety or anger use breathing techniques to calm themselves down; calming your breathing is the key to calming your mind. While you’re going about your day, pay attention to your breathing, and take deeper and slower breaths. You’ll find your day getting more peaceful by the lung-full.

Let your mind wander - They say that our minds are like toddlers, always running from thing to thing. What’s great about that, though, is that it’s a perfect way to practice mindfulness! Using your imagination and fantasizing about life actually serves to make us more mindful, as well as making life more interesting. So, the next time you’re daydreaming about flying through the clouds, don’t worry about coming back down to earth until you’re good and ready.


Lean into how you feel - Mindfulness doesn’t magically make you happy all the time. The point of it is more so about accepting the moment you’re in, and leaning into how we feel without resisting or trying to control it. When you lean into your feelings, even when you’re despairing or seething, try to accept it, and really feel it, instead of trying to fix it immediately. Letting your negative feelings exist - and coexist - with happiness and joyfulness is key to remaining balanced, and gives you the tools to cope with life’s challenges in a mindful way.

Practice all the time - Being mindful isn’t something you reserve for when you’re at the quietest time in the day. Real life doesn’t allow for that very often, and if we’re waiting for the most peaceful time in the day to be mindful, we’ve missed what it means to be mindful. Make it a daily practice, and especially during the monotonous or routine tasks in your day. It could be as simple as paying more attention to something like brushing your teeth, or eating breakfast. Instead of rushing through these things, we should be paying attention to the sound, smell, taste and feel of whatever we’re doing. Do this in short bursts wherever you’re at, whether at work, stuck in traffic, or out with friends.

Mindfulness is the key to a peaceful life. In busy times like these, it’s the perfect way to revolt and take back some of the calm you used to have. So breathe deep, slow down, and stay in the moment. Life’s worth living well!


As a bonus for reading all the way to the end you get to see some cute updated pictures of my greatest adventures! Enjoy!

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