12 Days of Christmas
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Sunday, December 02, 2018
By InSite Creatives
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So it's officially Christmas season for all of us now, but for me it's been going on for about a few weeks. Since I've abandoned my blog for about the past month due to work overload, and I love all of you and want to show my thankfulness and appreciation for you, for the next 12 business days I'm going to blow up your timelines at noon. Just a fun little Christmas countdown contest sort of thing. Monday-Friday at noon for the next 12 days I'll post a little Christmas question, if you answer in the comments I'll put your name in a drawing. It will be something unique that I will print from one of your previous sessions, or if you've never come to see me, but plan to in 2019 it can be used towards a future session. Please keep in mind that I'm not Oprah, and although I would love to, I'm unable to fly all of you to a beach for family photos. These will just be small gifts. Winners will be announced the following day along with their prize. If you are a rock star and comment on all 12 days you will be thrown into a grand prize at the end. I don't always do a great job of advertising all the unique things I am able to offer my customers, so you might see some gift ideas you didn't even know existed, or maybe start a new Christmas tradition! I'm excited to have a little fun and learn more about all of you! 
I hope you were able to spend this snowy weekend at home enjoying the things you love most! Piper and I stayed in our jammies all day yesterday and I didn't feel one bit guilty. 
PS:: When you come to my shop and you all happen to coordinate it calls for a picture ;) Aunt Brandy might win for the cutest. 
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Brittany Caryl - I'm so glad you're excited! Can't wait to learn more about your Christmas traditions.
Sara Bormann - Excited to check this out each day !